Monday, February 13, 2012

Kid Mania!!!

There are many pleasures in life and photographing children happens to be one of mine. I’m going to try my absolute hardest NOT to make this a post about my own son, although I can’t promise. LOL!!!!! Now I know every mommy believes their kids are the cutest, so I’ll be featuring a ‘Cutest Kids’ edition periodically.

The innocence and pure joy kids possess is MEANT to be captured. Call me crazy but I want to remember these days; I snap at least one picture a day of my little one. (Notice I said at least one) *insert laugh here*

Disclaimer: Prepare yourself for PURE GORGEOUSNESS below! All shots were taken by yours truly and if you want your child featured in my next ‘Cutest Kids’ post; just contact me : )

You know I had to feature my little man!!! <3

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  1. *Fainting* these kids are so friggin Adorable!!!