Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gather your Girls!!!

"Friend" photo shoots are becoming extremely popular. This type of shoot tends to be super duper ROWDY and energetic. When a group of gals get together, you know there's going to be nothing but chatter, especially if they're close friends. Nonetheless, friends are uber fun to shoot. (once you get everyone to SHUTUP) LOL!!!
My gal groups below were an absolute blast; a great way for friends to spend some time together. Whether you want pictures of your best friends, your bridal party, or your sweet 16 court, don't neglect to have a photo shoot to capture those fun times. Not to mention, getting dressed up with hair and makeup is like the best thing in the world : )  


  1. Those girls are so hot ;-) Black Girls Rock!

  2. Friend Photo Shoots are so much! Especially with ShootMe Chic! Lead photographer, Tiffany, helps women to feel so comfortable, confident and fabulous! This is definitely something I would love to do again, just for the fun of it!

  3. yours pics are amazing! i can really feel the energy and confidence!

    Chi-Chi (LDN,UK)

  4. Thank you Chi Chi. Nice to get love from the UK