Friday, March 2, 2012

New Trend Alert! Post wedding photos, all the rage!

Anything goes nowadays; nothing is too weird, odd, strange, or taboo. That being said, when I was booked to shoot a bride AFTER her wedding, I was excited! I thought to myself, “How smart is that”...we all know weddings are super stressful and great bridal images are sometimes a challenge to capture mainly due to time constraints.

So, Bernai Brown-Holman thought it’d be an awesome idea if she booked a shoot where she dressed as if it was her wedding day all over again! Hair, makeup, the works!!!! FUN FUN FUN! There was NO stress, NO time constraints, or guests; it was just us gals recreating the most beautiful day of her life.  We headed to downtown Haddonfield which is a ritzy town in South Jersey; some may even say ‘old money’.  We came across a GORGEOUS cathedral, it’s downright breathtaking. Needless to say, we set up shop and created magic. A combination of a perfect location and a purtty bride; you can’t go wrong : )

I have a love affair with this wooden door. GASP!


  1. loooving your work ! that first photo is breath taking! the door detail, how her dress lays' even the center step failing! You have a fabbbb eye for photos! Keep it up, Tiffy =]

  2. How beautiful! I'm a photographer too...And my name is Tiffany! LOL I love what you're doing! Now Following :)

    1. Thanks soooo much Tiff! I appreciate the love. I'm now following your blog : )