Friday, April 27, 2012

Babies Babies Babies!

What a blessing! My sister is expecting a baby girl on June 22nd; her name is slated to be Journey Cheyanne Rippey! Wow, a girl! You can imagine my excitement; I’ve been in boy land since last summer. Boys are the coolest, however there’s something about that mommy and daughter dynamic : )

Soooo of course I had to shoot my sister’s maternity pics! Yay! Me (photog), Ashley (sis), Darnell (bro in law), and Journey (belly) met in Audubon NJ at an amazing lake. We went with tons of color in honor of Journey’s personality (yes we’ve bonded already & she’s vibrant just like her auntie) LOL!!!

Enjoy a few pics from our photo shoot!

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